Turning Off Interface Messages on The Cisco IOS CLI

I have been exposed to Cisco routers for some time now. Something that has always bugged the hell out of me is that every time an interface farts, coughs, or burps the IOS by default floods the CLI with the interfaces thoughts and feelings and consequently causing you to possibly slip up a command.

no logging console tells the interfaces in the back seat to shut up all together and let you drive the router. Some people have a problem with this and I can see how you might miss some important information regarding interfaces and overall connections in general but I find that if (and I hope your not forgetting to) check the interfaces and config before saving it to make sure everything is up and running then you probably wont miss anything important.

logging synchronous  lets the router express it's feelings about your relationship and complain about the other routers and not cut you off when you are entering network addresses by moving the input cursor down a level to make room for the routers complaining. It's the command that most admins agree on I guess, and is probably the option Dr Phil would choose if he were in this business.

I for one hate those updates, have found them more annoying than informative, and prefer to turn them off all together. Well, back to packet tracer labs. Just needed to vent.


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