Bypassing Restrictive Content Filters

Throughout the day I travel between many different wireless networks and depending on who is running that network, I might have a problem researching something vital , (or as the case often is I confess) totally trivial and just peeks my curiosity. In this post I will show you my two favorite ways to bypass these annoying restrictions and help you to get the information you need (or simply get on facebook)

Method # 1 Proxy Site

Sites like Proxify and Sitegetter are some of my favorites. Unless they themselves are restricted then you should simply need to open them in your browser, and enter the url of the site you wish to visit, or simple go to google and search what you want without restrictions.

As I said, this works if these sites have not been firewalled themselves, if that’s the case you need to either find another proxy site, or try method number 2.

Method # 2 Tor Onion Browser

The Tor project has been out for a long time now and gaining popularity for its ease of use and effectiveness. In the day you used to have to download the backend tunneling client, configure your browser every time you wanted to use and away you went.

Today however, you can download the Tor Browser (which is a slimmed down firefox install with a one click button for surfing anonymously) that effectively streamlines the process greatly.

Final Though

Also. I like to add that while both of these methods will get you around a restricted site list, they are not always the most secure connections. While using these methods I would make sure that when you enter personal information on any website that it is encrypted (check the address bar for HTTPS or SSL).

Also, this is not effective for downloading or streaming media as while you are effectively putting another website (possibly a country) between you and your current service provider it can make the transfer of data slow. On a news site or social network site you might not notice this but if you go to youtube while on a Tor circuit then you will quickly notice what im talking about. It’s like going back to dialup.

Those points made I leave you to your business, thanks for stopping into read.

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